Success Stories: AUG'6 And they want meet me... OMG!

Benjamin Lorenzo Sanchez

And they want meet me... OMG!

I'm very excited to have my first meet with a producer of LA, Indomina Group. I'm not from USA and for me it is more difficult to get this kind of contacts but I, and we, have a really good weapon: Joey Tuccio. Thank you Joey for being so patient with me and well payed by Stage32 to get Joey. Crossing fingers and work hard! and good luck to everyone.

Samuel Rodriguez

congrats Ben. I hope it works out for you.

John Cruz Alarid

Best to you Benjamin.

Roberta Vlier

Great, now breathe and follow through!!

Marla Young


Wendy Nichols

Wonderful. Good luck.

April Ranck

Great job. Good luck

James Riggen

Hey ther Benjamin! Congratulations, that's huge! I'm curious to know how long it took between the time you sent your screenplay and the time Indomina got back to you?

Benjamin Lorenzo Sanchez

Hi James! 2 month! so I learnt to be patient

April Ranck

HI Benjamin, congratulations!

James Gregory

Fantastic! Good luck to you, fingers crossed!

Debbie Elicksen

That's very awesome, Benjamin. Good luck!

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