Success Stories: NOV'5 Guiltless is Award Winning Film!

Luis R. Quintero

Guiltless is Award Winning Film!

I'm proud to announce that our film Guiltless is now an award winning film. Thank you Cine Cuauhtemoc Pan American Film Festival! I would also like to thank the amazing cast and crew (fellow Stage32 members) for their extraordinary work!

Dorothy A. Atabong

Congrats Luis

Ross Somerville


Luis R. Quintero

Thank you Dorothy & Ross!

John Michael German

Dear Luis R. Quintero: Congratulations on the success and hard work as I'm sure there was plenty of it. All the best to even more success. Sincerely, John German

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Luis . What an achievement.

Matthew Barron

Congratulations! Getting into competition is great - winning is better! Well done.

Eric Gilmartin

Well done, Luis! Good work.

Lydea Torres

Que Bueno! Congrato!

Luis R. Quintero

Thank you for your kind words. Much love to you John, Jorge, Mel, Matthew, Kathryn, Eric, Alessandra & Lydea!

Tad Wojnicki

Buena suerte, Amigos! :) That's so fantastic, Congrats! :) Maybe you could tell us how did you get there? What pat had you taken to success?

Sandro Baraba

congrats !

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Luis!

Debbie Croysdale

Fantastic news. Muy Bien.

Luis R. Quintero

Thank you Stage32 family!

Kensly Fresh Agenor

Awesome. where can i check it out?

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Luis! Congratulations!

Xiomara Bernard

Congratulations Luis!

Fiona Faith Ross

Well done.

Luis R. Quintero

The team lead by RB is extraordinary and lets not forget the members. Without their passion for their craft we wouldn't need a platform like this. Stage32 embodies what storytelling is all about!

Luis R. Quintero

Oh and I almost forgot Tad, you asked if I could write about my journey. A few months ago I did a guest blog for Stage32. You can read it here:

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