Success Stories: MAY'11 Benderspink Requests My Script

Nicholas Korn

Benderspink Requests My Script

Got word yesterday that Daniel Vang of BenderSpink requested my comedy script, Bye Bye Cyber High. Very excited about this, and am deeply thankful to the Happy Writers Pitch Sessions here on Stage 32. Take note and take heart, however, that this was not my first pitch on the network, and I have taken each previous session as a learning experience. I looked at prior passes not as a rejection of me or my script, but my pitching abilities - and concentrated on using the feedback to get better at presenting. Also - I realized that the goal was not to tell the whole story, but to get the listener to want to read the script - the same way a trailer makes you want to see the movie. Additional recommendation - I took Dan Wiedenhaup'ts webinar here called "Why Did They Pass" - which also helped me hone my delivery, and gave the good counsel to omit talking about yourself and get to pitching the script more directly. Finally, I want to say that everyone I've pitched to was really nice and understanding, which reminded me that in every audition-style process, the other side really wants you to be the one.

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congratulations! What a wonderful start to your week!

Pete Stone

Good point emphasizing how it's true the executives are hoping and also pulling for your pitch and script. Congrats and good luck with the read!

David M Hyde

Congrats. That is a great connection to have.

Kevin Doy Burton

A dream come true, Nicholas.

David Levy

Daniel is a great guy to pitch to! Fantastic news! Congrats!

Laura Cross

Right on Nicholas! Wishing you all the best.

Virginia Brucker

Fantastic news, Nicholas! Well done, and thanks for pointing us to info that helps improve pitches!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Nicolas! Great attitude, good luck with the read!

Joyce E McMillan


Stephen Barber

Great job Nicholas!!!

Kevin Doy Burton

That's great Nicholas. My link:

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