Success Stories: DEC'21 Best case scenario for "Worst Case Scenario".

Mo Yusuf

Best case scenario for "Worst Case Scenario".

What a great experience. My first pitchfest and the guys were very pleasant and professional. Trying to be coherent and charming at 2am in Dubai was a little hard. I was nervous before I started but you quickly get comfortable because you feel the person on the other side of the line is genuinely interested in you and your story. AND….AND…got a request for my script. SHIZAM!! Both my pitches went well. Fingers crossed for a second request. Those 16 minutes on skype were literally the most productive 16 minutes of my 5 year screenwriting carurr. A million thanks to Joey and Stage32 and HappyWriters. Happy Holidays, everyone. Wish you all a greenlit 2015. One love. Mo.

Richard "RB" Botto

I loved this line: Those 16 minutes on skype were literally the most productive 16 minutes of my 5 year screenwriting career. Nothing like being able to connect with and have your work analyzed by industry professionals. Congrats on getting the read, Mohamed. Wishing you all the best!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Mohamed! This is one of the things I love about Happy Writers: the fact no matter where you live, you have this incredible opportunity to get your work in front of the people who can change your life.

Phil Parker

Wow, your time difference is even worse than mine in Australia! Just goes to show what dedication can do though right? And what great opportunities Stage 32 can give us if we work our butts off! :-)

Mo Yusuf

Thanks RB. And thanks to Stage32. What a great community.

Mo Yusuf

Thanks Joey. It was such a relaxed atmosphere; made it easier to pitch.

Mo Yusuf

Thanks Emma. Agreed. And what an opportunity it is.

Mo Yusuf

Thanks Kathryn. I was so psyched afterwards, couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. Went to work on 3 hrs sleep but was so wide awake and excited :)

Mo Yusuf

Thanks Aarthi. Congrats on your news as well.

Mo Yusuf

Totally agree. Congrats on your project as well. Let's kick ass in the new year.

Siegal Annette

great sucess Mo.The most helpful detail in your story is that Stage 32 should help us with the time differences: try to put pitches and courses more available by, first , giving us , faraway participants, the approximatively time, let's say in Europe,Middle East and far East. Second, try to conduct these exercises later or earlier during your californian day. We all know that you are the majority but you could have more people from far away than you have now if you understand that it's very complicated for us .As for me at least, we often hesitate to participate because of the time differences.Night is not a good time to work for our half- asleep neurons

James David Sullivan

@Siegal - On a related topic - do you consider it an act of self-defense when one nation slaughters over 1,500 civilians as a response to the loss of 5 of its own civilians?

James David Sullivan

Sorry. That comment was meant for another thread on my page.

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