Success Stories: FEB'6 Beverly Hills Film Festival

Philip Sedgwick

Beverly Hills Film Festival

Found out tonight while doing the daily patrol of film submission platforms that my feature screenplay, PERSON NUMBER ONE, has been accepted into competition in the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Looking forward to attending the fest.

9th year in a row for this fest. In 2014, I took home 1st Runner Up in the Screenplay Competition. Wonder how lucky the Year of the Pig is going to be!

Any Stage 32ers planning to attend, let's make sure we have a proper in-person hello!

Elisabeth Meier


Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Elisabeth.

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks for all the likes, too!

Pamela Bolinder

Congrats Philip! Intriguing title!

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks, Pamela. Got the title after reading all the ongoing indictments these days... though it deals with a Russian spy, it does so in not the way one might think!

Pamela Bolinder

May I read it? You've got my attention now. I love a good spy thriller.

Philip Sedgwick

Hey Pamela, Thanks for the interest. I am one of those guys who views scripts as cards... kept close to the chest. I'm not one to show it around will in fests or pitching. Again, thanks.

Anthony Moore


Jason Mirch

Awesome! Congratulations!

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you Pamela, Anthony and Jason!

Pamela Bolinder

I understand Philip! Best to you!

Doug Nelson

Nice - wishing success for you.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Doug.

Rutger Oosterhoff


Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Congrats, Philip. Did that festival a few years back. A class outfit.

Richard "RB" Botto

As usual, you continue to rock, Phillip! Never cease to amaze.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, RB. Working it forward and always appreciate your support.

Philip Sedgwick

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy I agree. Always enjoy the BHFF goings on and the folks that run it are supportive and insightful.

Justin K Hayward

Hi Philip, I've got an official selection too (ZAPP) and am coming along. I'm coming all the way from the UK so hope to meet any friendly Stage 32-ers who are attending. Congratulations, best of luck and see you there.

Philip Sedgwick

BHFF is hugely fun and the Awards Night is amazing. It's run by some really good folks! Stay at the Roosevelt if you can. Great hotel rich in history, walking distance to everything you need.

Philip Sedgwick

PS, congrats Justin.

Rich Goldstein

When is the BHFF? Maybe I'll join you.

Philip Sedgwick

First weekend in April!

Jurgen Wolff


Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Jurgen!

Patrick House

Well done. I know it isn't easy to be accepted there.

Johnnie Johnson III

Congrats. Good luck.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Patrick and Johnnie!

Danielle R Erlich

I'll see you there!

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