Success Stories: DEC'4 Blind World Request

Dayna Burnworth

Blind World Request

Yesterday, I pitched my apocalyptic thriller, Blind World to Dan Sheinkman from Lawrence Bender productions. On Monday evening I had pitched to Vincent Gatewood also from LB. The pitch to Gatewood went great. It was so late! 11 PM my time and we had fun, laughing and just running away with the pitch. (Joey wasn't there to reign us in:) Then, last evening, Joey sent me an e-mail of a possible producer connection with Dan. I signed up with less than hour to prepare -but if you're prepared then what are you?- and barely got my face on when I was asked to go on ten minutes early. No problem, opportunity always knocks when you're in the bathroom, yeah? As always, it was fun, thrilling and a joy to present my work. (In the verbal stylings of Vin Diesel, AKA xXx, I live for this $h!*!!) Before the pitch ended, Mr. Sheinkman requested a one-sheet, and today I just got the oh-so-coveted REQUESTED e-mail. I have some work to do folks, but I wanted to run a blazing path through here to say hi, hello, and how the hell are ya, because today is a great day. Seriously, I need to get back to work. -Cue shepherd's hook- Dayna Von Thaer

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