Success Stories: OCT'22 COSMOS is premiering in LA this November

COSMOS is premiering in LA this November

I am immensely proud of Elliot & Zander Weaver (you can find him here on Stage32) because their feature film COSMOS is premiering on Nov 7th at Ahrya Fine Arts in LA!

What a five year journey it's been - I was there only for the last three, and barely done anything, but watched it from afar. I'm exhausted just thinking about all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it.

But after years of being stuck in a dark rooms day after day, after watching and rewatching the film over and over again, perfecting every shot and learning new things to do the post-production... After rejections and at times stressful negotiations they secured a deal with a distributor. Now Cosmos has left Birmingham, UK and is going to the big screen in America.

I'm so, so proud <3

Steve Cleary

This is terrific!

Zander Weaver

Steve Cleary Thank you Steve and thank you Natalia Alyukova :) Very kind of you to share this with the Stage 32 community. Steve, if you're interested, the US Premiere screening is a public event. We're making it into a night of film and networking - so far guests include indie directors, screenwriters, actors and sales agents, full details and tickets available here:

Steve Cleary

Thanks for the heads' up! That's only an hour or so away from me, so I'll be sure to make it...

Zander Weaver

Steve Cleary - Amazing, really look forward to meeting you and having a great evening! :)

Steve Cleary

Zander Weaver Hate to be a Hollywood flake, but I'm afraid I'm unable to come down for the US premiere :^( If you're sticking around Southern California for a while and your travels take you up to experience the wines of Santa Barbara, I'd be happy to show you around :^)

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