Success Stories: JUL'11 Connection with crew made.

Bryce Gardner

Connection with crew made.

I was here less than a week and we connected with our new cinematographer Robert Ruiz for our upcoming series project. Looks as if he'll be a good fit with our team, and a win-win situation for all involved. Thanks 32!

Bryce Gardner

It's worked for us so far. :-)

Lina Jones

Good for you Bryce! Congrats!

Bryce Gardner

Thanks Lina and Kathryn.

Eric Westlake

That's so exciting, Bryce. Keeping hiring those Stage 32 members.

Bryce Gardner

We hope to, Eric. :)

Bryce Gardner

Thanks Brandi. I'm very pleased at the number of people who take the fun of film as seriously as we do, and have taken the time to network with us.

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