Success Stories: JAN'14 Comic Book Kickstarter Put Together With Stage32 Talent Achieves 42% of Funding in First Day!

Preston Poulter

Comic Book Kickstarter Put Together With Stage32 Talent Achieves 42% of Funding in First Day!

Yesterday I went live with my kickstarter for the comic book conversion of my screenplay about the only two women in world history to be able to call themselves ace fighter pilots. 24 hours later, and my backers have already guaranteed the success of the project by delivering 43% of its goal.

I wanted to take a minute to thank Stage32 for helping me to achieve this milestone. I learned a great deal from the Stage32 webinar on “How to Use Crowdfunding to Turn Your Film Project into a Reality.”

I’ve learned from the numerous Stage32 pitch sessions I’ve bought that Hollywood has three specific reservations about my screenplay: 1. Features two female leads; 2. Period piece set in WW II which makes it expensive; 3. The complete lack of an Asian or American character makes it a tough sell in the two main movie markets.

Jared Barrel or Loaded Barrel Studios taught me in a Stage32 webinar that comic books can function as an important intermediate step between a screenplay and a movie. Comics make the film easier to visualize and, unlike screenplays, are directly marketable to the public. Furthermore, as I learned from Producer Regina Lee (whom I meet through Stage32), the success of the comic book finding an audience will draw the attention of production companies.

Stage32 was critical in helping me radically change my approach from just another screenwriter hoping Hollywood would produce his screenplay to a comic creator taking his story straight to the masses. More than that, Stage32 was where I turned to when I needed the talent to put my Kickstarter together.

I learned from my webinar, that I needed a slick video to make the campaign happen. But where to find a video editor? Well, I hired mine straight from Stage32 jobs. And I think he did a great job. Here’s the link so you can judge for yourself.

As you can see from the video, we used voice talent to make the comic book come to life. I think you already know where I found the voice talent.

White Lily Miniseries - Issue #1 Expanded Print Run
White Lily Miniseries - Issue #1 Expanded Print Run
Enter the real life tale of two WWII-era female combat pilots as they left their mark on history. 103 backers pledged $4,120 to help bring this project to life. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.
Preston Poulter

We've now hit over 100% funding! Special thanks to Stage32 for helping make it happen.

Roxanne Paukner

Nice job! Best of luck (and talent) with it going forward!

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