Success Stories: MAY'7 Crossing the First Threshold

Marcin Klinkosz

Crossing the First Threshold

A quick summary of the first year of my scriptwriting journey. I gave myself 3 years to see if its something for me. Result: • Dystopian sci-fi TV pilot Dream Of Mirrors placed as a quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020 – that was one of those “fuck it” scripts where I didnt care about budget and had a lot of fun while building a new world.

• Feature Lucky Beggars placed as a quarterfinalist in Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (with Shia Labeouf winning the category oO)

There`s a lot of learning, reading, writing, rewriting ahead, but I must say that I like the script form.

Something different than leading the companies through digital transformation for sure ;-)

Step by step forward…

Best of luck with your projects.

Phil Clarke

Well done on year one, Marcin. More power to you for the remainder of your journey, wherever it may lead. Here if you ever want to talk things through.

Jaye Adams

Amazing first year!! Congrats Marcin, you are clearly a natural :) Absolutely step by step forward and absolutely best of luck back at you for more of your projects...exciting times!

Jeremy Storey

Keep on keepin on, brother,

Well done.

Annette F Hummell

Congrats as well, you're just plowing through which we should all do that.

John Ellis

Great start for year 1! But 3 years is sooooo not enough time to figure it out.

Marcin Klinkosz

Thanks, @JohnEllis. Im aware that this is the art and infinite game, so those 3 years are mostly for me to check whether I will enjoy doing it and see the progress. Its like with the high jump. Everybody can do it, but on some level, you will realize that either your legs are too short or your hops are too low :-)

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