Success Stories: JUL'28 Don't Give UP!

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Andrew Man

Don't Give UP!

I have been writing now for over three years, published two books in a Sci-Fi series using different publishers and stii found it difficult to get noticed. Then last year I found this Writers platform and started taking a film series seriously. Thanks to the Online PitchFest, have connected with a film company in London who want to look at the complete 'Pilot' script. After years of rejection as an author that's a BIG start! Without Stage 32 I would never have heard of these new film companies and was able to learn how to pitch my script? Thanks Joey and to all the Happy Writers - don't Give UP! Andrew

Geof Spalding

Good luck Andrew

Andrew Man

Thanks Alle, the script writer is the key? Really don't think authors can write film script, we have been at this for over 6 months and still not correct. I do the editing, making sure the script follows the book, well mostly, also making sure the right character says the right line? (Yes that can happen). Knowing your story is key, finding the right script writer- priceless!

Andrew Man

Thanks, and can believe your experience and partly agree? Writing Sci-Fi is is not so easy because anything that can happen in the universe, does happen - but still needs to be sold to a media audience. Any more advice, much appreciated, would you like to see the 'pitch'?

Natalie Wright

Thank you for this post. It's always a boost up in the morning to hear about people's tenacity paying off for them. Momentum is wonderful! Best wishes on your project.

Andrew Man

Thanks for that and have added you to my network. We think, we write and our thoughts can mean so much to so many in our universe. Have the faith, one day it will happen to you too!

Andrea E. Windsor

I needed that boost after a seminar I went to yesterday. Felt like giving up afterwards. :-D

Andrew Man

Thanks have added you to my network. I know the feeling and when you get up and its raining, we all wonder why we do it? Don't give up those plants need that rain :)

Lendell Wallace

Congrats, please let us know what happens next.

Jarika Johnson

Congratulations!!! Great message!

Janet Biery

Happy for you. Glad your persistence and hard work have helped.

Peter J. Ward

Good for you. Positive energy for your project to go through to fruition. Never give up.

Donna S McCoy

Hi Andrew, and congratulations. I'm a fellow sci-fi writer with three novels on Amazon's kindle library. I've written two screenplays based on my novels then realized that sci-fi is a tough sell in the US. The UK, however, seems the better market.

Christopher Pornovets

Oh wow that is wonderful and congrats . I really hope to see your pilot not only in London , but around the world again , best of luck ^^

Andrew Man

Thanks and yes, sci-fi is tough in the US. Still working on the London connection, Dubai is a long shot, but its an emerging market for writers.

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