Anything Goes : Exciting Road... by Sam Doyle

Sam Doyle

Exciting Road...

Evenin' folks! I've not been on here long but in the time that I have , I've made some good connections with some good people and had some pleasant conversations. We all know success in this industry is the epitome of baby steps (especially if you've only done a few projects) but even the Bible says don't doubt small beginnings! In my area they cut the tax cred a few years ago so there's little going on here until something (legislatively) changes. But thanks to meeting good people here , a producer and I have been talking and they've proposed working together in the future. Granted, that isn't concrete but it does show that there's an interest in working together. Half full or half empty?...When you're thirsty half doesn't matter. The good Lord gave me the passion , He'll open a door! This is not a Hollywood success story no, but it is one step farther on the road toward a dream, which I see is a success.

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