Success Stories: OCT'30 Fangs A Lot, Stage 32! Wee Vampire Short Films now on YouTube

Melanie McDonald

Fangs A Lot, Stage 32! Wee Vampire Short Films now on YouTube

For the new YouTube horror comedy short film series, "The Wee Vampire," Director Isaac Carey Nejako, a member from the Washington, D.C., area, turned to Stage 32 for local talent for cast and crew. Actor Joshua Redford plays the titular vampire, "Victor," and Kelly Schwartz plays "Vicki" in the first two shorts, "In the Gloaming" and "Blood Drive." Writer Melanie McDonald also is a Stage 32 member, as is Erika Christie, Electric Grip. Production Intern Isaac Buono is the son of member Anthony Buono. Both episodes can be seen at: and a great review is now available at Scared Stiff Reviews: Special thanks again to RB & Happy Halloween, Everyone!

The Wee Vampire
The Wee Vampire
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Amanda Toney

So cool!!

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Shannon!

Laurie Ashbourne

Very fun, and how appropriate the black magic camera was used!

Melanie McDonald

Haha, how true - thanks, Laurie!

Steve Lareau

Hi Melanie we just shared "Blood Drive" on twitter and followed you ;-) Good work Take care

Melanie McDonald

Thanks very much, Steve. Just talked with our Director, Isaac Nejako - we hope to make WV #3, and then submit our series to OWTFF!

Melanie McDonald

Thanks, Aarthi - glad you liked them!

Michelle Barber

So glad to have found your stuff - it is adorable. Thank you.

Nick Belial

Hi Mel! I just watched a couple episodes of "The Wee Vampire". My favorite was 'Blood Drive'. I shared it in the videos section of today's 'The Still Photographer Times" - - Lots of fun and very creative. Great job!

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Michelle - so glad you enjoyed these!

Melanie McDonald

Thank you so much, Nick - and thank you for sharing 'Blood Drive' in 'The Still Photographer Times' - that's awesome!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Great stuff Melanie. Cool idea. Wish you lots of success with your endeavors.

Melanie McDonald

Thank you so much, Sylvia - glad you enjoyed our Wee Vampire!

Burak Kanar

It's such an empowering story for all Stage32 members. Congratulations, Melanie!

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Burak - Stage 32 is quite an empowering network, in my experience! All the best, Melanie

Patrick Opitz

Awesome! I love seeing success stories in the D.C. film community.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

You're very welcome Melanie. Kudos to you for doing it. I just write. That's it. So I admire filmmakers, directors, crew, actors for the talents they put forward. It takes courage to do it. I'm pleased to know you. All the best in your future endeavors.

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Patrick - I agree!

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Sylvia - a pleasure to know you, and best of luck with your endeavors as well.

Annastasya Esme

Thank You for connecting

Darrell Shanks

Nice work! Are you looking to expand on this? And do you have other films? Any film over 4 minutes I can get televised. If that is you email me at

Amy Lloyd

This is terrific. I love seeing inspired and originalwork. Congrats Melanie.

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Darrell! The director and I have discussed doing a longer short (plus a few more Wee Vampire episodes), so I will pass the word along to Isaac - appreciate your interest.

Melanie McDonald

Thank you, Amy - glad you enjoyed it!

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