Success Stories: OCT'5 Feature Film, ONCE AGAIN

David M Jack

Feature Film, ONCE AGAIN

I was very happy to find out this morning that my material (script & package) was requested by Freshmaker Media. I made sure that I understood the background and needs of the executive and company I pitched to and was prepared to speak knowledgably and conversationally about all aspects of the story and characters. Thanks to Stage 32 for giving me the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring. David

Evelien And Dorien Twins

That's great, David! Congrats!

David M Jack


Ross Somerville

Congratulations!! Glad the research paid off!!

Shanae Austin

Congrats David

Cynthia Chapman


David M Jack

Thank you everyone! Best of luck to all of you, as well. David

Andrew Sobkovich

That sounds great David!! Hope they grab it.

David M Jack

Me too, Andrew. Thanks!

Nikolas Filipovic

That is great

Becca-Chris M

Cool, David. Congrats!

David M Jack

Thanks, everyone!

Gareth J. Rubery - Composer

Very well done my friend.

Pat Savage

Congrats David

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