Success Stories: DEC'13 Film shoot completed

Sue Lange

Film shoot completed

Just now catching my breath after finishing a short film (A Perfect You) shoot a couple of weeks ago. My first attempt at directing. The actors were amazing, most of them from Philadelphia. The crew was great. Best pals Sebastian Nieves on camera and Andre Pochan as AD guided me gently through a fairly scary process. They are my heroes. Now comes the even scarier part: editing. I can see all the mistakes I made in both the writing and the directing. Sheesh! What made me think I could do this? I'm learning a lot, though. And still smiling. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Gigi M. Green

Good job!

Rosalind Winton

Sue, that's brilliant and you seem to have a lot of strings to your bow, now you've just got to make the music :) it's 'passion' that made you think you could do it and you can... just keep believing :)

Sue Lange

Thanks Rosalind. Funny your using the music metaphor. That's the exact next step with this film. The music.

Stacy Robin

...somewhere along the line in post, if you are looking for :-)

Sue Lange

I have a composer for this project, but I'll keep you in mind for the future. Always happy to hook up with musicians.

Dawid Jaworski

When i read about process of your film, with evey stage of it, I can imagine how awesome it could be, lots of work for sure, but satisfy too, working with film crew, and then editing the film + music by Composer xD

Sue Lange

Very happy with the editing session today. The thing is taking intelligent shape

Stacy Robin

thanks Sue! even with composer, ya never know when you need a song cue...

Sue Lange

True, Stacy!

Bill Hartin

Looked for you at RFF but obviously missed you, and now you've got my attention again with A PERFECT YOU. Hope you give us a peek when you finish it, even if it's just a trailer.

Sue Lange

Sorry I missed you at the FEST. I was really busy, but still had a great time and met a boatload of people. Next time, eh? Yes, we'll have a peek at A PERFECT YOU.

Richard Willett

Congrats on getting this far. I've heard even legendary directors talk about the fear of having to fix everything in the editing room. You're probably a whole lot further along than you realize right now.

Shari D. Frost

Way to go, Sue, looking forward to seeing the finished project! And to picking your brain about my next project :0P

Sue Lange

Thank you Richard for that! It really helps.

Sue Lange

Yes, Shari. We should do some brain picking! I have to think of a reason to go to Boston sometime so we can meet for coffee.

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