Success Stories: FEB'1 First Producer Request!

First Producer Request!

Yay!!! So happy that Damon Lane requested my pilot. Have had requests from managers but this is my first producer request! Thanks Joey and the team for this fantastic opportunity!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Kass, Bradford and Aarthi!

Brandon Rhiness

Congratulations, Emma!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Brandon. And THANK YOU Joey! Feeling a bit apprehensive about this one, it's very different having a producer request rather than a manager. But in a good way! :)

CJ Walley

Exciting times, Emma. Congrats!

Eric Westlake

That's great Emma!

C Wellington

Congrats sister, great job.

Emma J Steele

Thanks CJ, Eric and C! Exciting times indeed!

Suzanne Lutas

Great job and great opportunity. Congratulations Emma!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Suzanne!

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