Success Stories: APR'12 First Project

Travis Barrett

First Project

Well coming from me, who has little experience and to some none, I paid ExploreTalent $200 June last year to create a profile to become a beginner and progress from there. Applying for projects for 7 straight months hoping I would get an audition for a role in a feature, or indie film just to get publicity and start somewhere. then I seen an ad for stage32 and joined in mid January and have applied, and talked to by a few directors as well as producers. This being my first project, it's an animation cartoon which the one main character of the cartoon will be Me. I'm glad to get a start somewhere for only being in this site for just 3 months and not paying anything!

Travis Barrett

Thanks Kathryn and Robert (^_^) was a flip worth it. DEFINITELY!

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Travis, wish you much success!

Kimite Cancino

its amazing that on stage32, u dont pay to connect with so many talented ppl, and the bonus is, you learn from the best. RB is def a saint for creating an awesome network channel, and putting in so much time to help millions. Im so glad I joined too. Glad u got work. hope its just the beginning of lots more. :)

Raymond H

Travis, I have also only been here a week and its great isn't it! Good luck out there!

Travis Barrett

Thanks Everyone! much appreciated

Adriano Ferreri


Diao Undre

Good stuff Travis! Thank you for sharing dude.

Amanda Toney

All the best to you Travis!!

Travis Barrett

I appreciate it! like Toyota, I'm moving forward.

David E. Gates

$200 for doing nothing? Wow! I'm in the wrong job if I can get people to pay me for that!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Travis, this is such an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations! Glad to have you in the Stage 32 family :)

Travis Barrett

I was overly excited! I didn't get the role yet, I might be used elsewhere.. Just have to wait and see, Thanks! Julie.

Travis Barrett

i didn't see it, I didn't even hear most of Alicia's stuff my computer was acting up. And, the script was even deleted! I couldn't even re-rehearse.

Travis Barrett

alright! I will have to be more slickery

Travis Barrett

and I recall Gak! was once a product of, Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni, Nickelodeon!

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