Success Stories: MAY'7 First Short Script, First Time On A Set, First Produced Short & First Festival Success!

Jaye Adams

First Short Script, First Time On A Set, First Produced Short & First Festival Success!

So many "firsts" and absolutely not the last while I stay committed to driving my passion!

UNSEEING EVIL was the first script I'd completed with the intention of doing something with it, after learning this beautiful craft for a year and half. Having never stepped foot on a film set before, I decided to go for it and get it filmed. I was driven to learn all I could about filmmaking myself and from others and I researched the hell out of everything. I had a strong vision for the film and I knew exactly what I wanted it to be...anything I didn't know about in how to actually pull it off, I could learn, so I threw myself in! The proof of concept horror short is now in its 2020 festival run and off the back of its Discover Film Festival submission, it's been selected to stream on their streaming platform and is now up there with a selection of other great shorts...Absolutely buzzing and grateful for its current success!

Keep safe, keep creating and keep going for it everyone!

Marcin Klinkosz

Great news! Especially that you were responsible for the whole process - from writing to execution. Any chance to see your horror somewhere?

Jaye Adams

Hi Marcin! Thank you so much, I loved every minute of the process and certainly learned a lot :D You can get the Discover.Film App on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire or the mobile app or via their website with this link Would love to know what you like and what you don't, so I can apply more learnings to the next one and appreciate you taking the time to take a look!

Jedda Bradley

That's inspiring Jaye! I love that you say you could learn what you needed to. I've made a few shorts now and they are a lot of work!

Allen Lynch

Congratulations on Unseeing Evil Jaye!

Jaye Adams

Thanks so much Allen Lynch and Jedda Bradley it’s sounds corny but I’m a big believer in where there’s a will there’s a way, absolutely! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. You spend so much time on preproduction and then the filming just feels like it flys by...crazy! Then there’s post and omg I get so excited when it all starts coming together.

Jeremy Storey

Well done and congrats.

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