Success Stories: OCT'6 Good News & Bad News

Good News & Bad News

Last night my screenplay was requested by Mailbox Baseball Productions, but it was also passed on by MGM. MGM gave me some good feedback, though. So, I have less than 72 hours to do some tweaking and write a new scene. Wish me luck lol

C. D-Broughton

Did MGM actually say, "Change X and Y and we'll take another look at it"? If they did, then that's great news. Best of luck with your project.

Annyk Sebestyén

That's very good news actually. Now, all the best with the changes!

Patrick Bechtel

No, MGM officially passed on the script, but they told me why they passed. So I have a few things to work on. Thanks for the well wishes.

C. D-Broughton

Unless they pointed out valid plot holes/logic issues, characters faults or typo's, you really should bear in mind that everybody has an opinion, and that maybe, an producer may love your script the way it is.

Daniel Rewijk


Gina Leone

Good luck. When one door closes, another one opens.

Leona McDermott

Congrats and good luck.

Patrick J. McKenna

What the above said. Just trust in yourself, make the scene something YOU would want to see. It worked well for Pixar and it can work well for anyone

Patrick J. McKenna

BTW how did you go about the process of getting the screenplay submitted? Any tips?

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

much luck and take it in your stride. If I had a buck for every no I'd be in the chips.

Patrick Bechtel

Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Patrick Bechtel

Patrick, I recommend using Stage32 Happy Writers. I've tried pitching through a few different services. I prefer Stage32 because I have to receive some response from each exec, and I can research each exec ahead of time and decide who I want to pitch to. Also, Joey Tuccio and company are quite helpful. Every once in a while Joey does a free webinar on pitching. You should take advantage of the next one. Also Jared Iacino's webinar "The Secret to Becoming a Pitching Ace" was very helpful. Maybe it's available on demand.

Aleksander Ristic

Good luck!

Eric Gilmartin

Congratulations to you! Exciting bit of real-life suspense - it should make your final success all the more sweet... "break a leg" on this new material.

Serafin Soto

Those are the better problems in life. Good luck, it sounds exciting! :D

Anthony Michael Hobbs

You can do it! Go!

Katherine MK Mitchell

Patrick - if MGM really really liked your script they would give you an option and guide you through the re-write. One scene might require a total restructuring. You probably didn't want to hear this and probably will never talk to me again. Good luck anyway! Katherine

Pat Savage

Congrats and good luck.

Richard Willett

You are in the game, sir. And that's the main thing. There's a huge lineup just to get to play. Keep writing! You're on to something.

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