Success Stories: NOV'10 Got a lead role!

Tina Goldsack

Got a lead role!

Got a call tonight that I got a lead role in a thriller! I am thrilled myself!! I can finally announce it!!

Boomer Murrhee

I'm excited for you Tina! Wish you great success. Look forward to seeing you on film. Please let us know how this project progresses.

Tina Goldsack

I am super excited! Thanks a bunch!

Jaginder Singh

Fantastic, congrats!

Vincent Paterno


Thedia Samara

Congrats, Tina!

Michael Warman

Congratulations Tina

Marli Monroe

That's fantastic! Congratulations!

Vincent Paterno

Wonderful to hear!

Allen Timothy Wood


Tina Goldsack

Thanks everyone! I am jumping up and down!

Jorge J Prieto

Go get them, Tina and make us all proud! A big Congratulations, girl.

Kenneth W. Wood

Way to go Tina.

Tammy Wheeler


Victor Sunstar

Have fun, be do and have creative and... don't break a leg ! :-)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron


Tina Goldsack

I love a good thriller! I can't believe I got the part! Thanks for all the love! It is fun to celebrate with others!

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Awesome tina! Congratulations!

Evelien And Dorien Twins

which project is it? Will we be able to see it? :D

Tina Goldsack

The Director wants to put it into Toronto's Cannes Film Festival, and go from there! He has some amazing connections so I am sure it will do good! So we will be filming to get it done. . . Which means I will be very cold! HA! HA!

Tina Goldsack

SHHHHHHH all is secret! I get the script any day now! lol

Michael Warman

Hey Tina, congratulations

David Mullin


Boomer Murrhee

Way to go, Tina. Happy for you.

Eric Gilmartin

Congratulations, Tina, that's awesome news!

Pat Savage


Tina Goldsack

Thanks a bunch! I will soon be posting it!

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