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Got it!

To my fellow 32ers. I just found out today that I landed the gig for the indie film I was chasing. Just wanted to take a moment and thank 32 for providing me with the resources to find the opportunity and to RB for developing this platform for me and fellow creatives. It is going to be awesome to be back in front of the camera. Best of luck to all 32ers and remember to pushing forward!!

Anne-Cecile Ville

Congratulations, David! Yes, Stage 32 makes many things possible :)

David M. Tribuiani

Thank you Anne-Cecile, I appreciate the sentiments. Best wishes to you in whatever you pursue. Take care.

Anne-Cecile Ville

Thanks, David. Best wishes to you too :)

Bill Hartin

Kudos,'s good news like yours that often keeps us plugging along, inching the boulder up the mountain a step at a time. Please keep us posted on your experience.

Aray Brown

Congratulations! Stage 32 is the business

David M. Tribuiani

Bill, thanks for the positive comments. I agree, as we all push along I believe it is essential that we all share. It can really inspire everyone to moving forward. I certainly will keep dropping tid bits of info regarding how things go. Best of luck to you and take care.

David M. Tribuiani

Aray, thank you as well for the kind words. Good luck to you in all your ventures.

William E. Spear

Strong compliments, David.

Richard "RB" Botto

Thrilled to hear this, David! Absolutely fantastic! Well deserved, my friend!

Izzibella Beau

Awesome news, David. wishing you all the best in this new project.

David M. Tribuiani

Thank you all for the well wishes and support. That is the reason I wrote earlier regarding 32 and how awesome this site is for us as creatives. Tons of support and oodles of positivity as well as endless resources. As I will continuously say, good luck to all, stay positive, and always push forward. Thanks again all!

Cindy Myskiw


David M. Tribuiani

Thank you very much

David M. Tribuiani

Cindy, thanks for the support. Feels great to have an opportunity to get back in front of the camera. How are things by you? Keep in touch and best of luck with all.

Denise Carole


Josiah Olson


David M. Tribuiani

Thanks to you both Denise and Josiah. I appreciate it. Best wishes to you both.

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