Success Stories: AUG'5 Got myself a meeting!

Got myself a meeting!

I really can't say enough about the coverage services at Stage 32. Their knowledge and insight is incredible and you really get an honest and thoroughly detailed report that I consider priceless. These aren't just readers or other writers checking our your work... they're REAL executives! This is a chance to get your work right in front of them, and it even landed me a meeting with Augustine from RatPac Entertainment (Horrible Bosses, Tower Heist)!! Seriously, just stop what you're doing and get coverage NOW!

Amanda Toney

WOW Erik Congrats!! I hope you're celebrating because this is a huge victory and hopefully will lead to many successes in your future! We wish you the best :)

Shari D. Frost

Congrats, Erik! You've got me seriously thinking about it...

John Cruz Alarid

Best wishes Erik. How were the notes they gave you? Are they meeting with you before you're rewrite or after?

Stacy Baker Masand

congrats, erik!

Erik Grossman

Thanks guys! @john, the notes were extremely detailed, three pages with the industry standard pass/recommend. They are meeting with me before the rewrite

John Cruz Alarid

The best of luck to you. I hope to follow in your foot steps.

Laurie Ashbourne

Awesome news, Erik! You're a great writer, best of luck with it.

Marlene Rhein

Erik - what is the link to their coverage services? I couldn't find it on the site.

Mike Romoth

Congrats and thanks for posting about your success. There are always a lot of hungry ears listening for these types of stories.

Laurie Ashbourne

Marlene -- under the happy writers tab:

Stacy Baker Masand

I used it, too, fantastic coverage. i'm eager to try the pitch sessions as well.

Pat Savage

Congrats! It's all happening here! Facewhat? Good luck

Padma Narayanaswamy

How about the pitch sessions ? I need just a small thrust . I am confident that I will get a producer but I am a middle aged woman with no income.

Shawn Speake

That's what's up! Congrats, Erik!

Darren Brealey

Congratulations. Well done and good luck with what the future may bring.

Wendy Nichols

Congratulations. That's huge.

April Ranck

Congratulations Erik!

Benjie Anderson


Robert Sherry

Congrats! Keep it up!

Jason C de La Torre

Erik, what level of coverage did you use?

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