Success Stories: FEB'11 HIRED TO WRITE A FEATURE FILM........Thank you R.B., all of Stage 32!

HIRED TO WRITE A FEATURE FILM........Thank you R.B., all of Stage 32!

I thought I wrote this a couple of days ago, but can't locate it and wanted everyone to know...DON'T GIVE UP!! Because Stage 32 offered assistance and guidance and everything in the world a want-to-be screenwriter needs to become successful and because Joey took 10 minutes for me and told me to CONCENTRATE ON WHAT I WANTED, I stopped and let God know I thought I was ready......less than 24 hours later, I had a network request from a producer. Three days and sending samples of work back and forth, I signed a contract. Thirty days later a feature film was registered to the Writers Guild and we are looking forward to its Gary W. Goldstein encouraged me via Twitter..."Stay in constant action, work a game plan and most of all contribute to others and ask for help equally well". Thank you Stage 32, Happy Writers, and Gary Goldstein for contributing to others and helping us become the screenwriters or actors we want to be!!

Eric Westlake

Yay! That is so cool, Jessica. I can't wait to see your work on the big screen.

Jessica Rose

I also want to thank that wonderful producer and his executive producer and partner for giving me a chance. I can't give more information in order not to breach the contract, but he was definitely a God send! Thanks Eric for the encouragement!

Eric Westlake

Jessica, I think you have it backwards. Every time you and everyone else on Stage 32 posts their success stories, they encourage the rest of us to push forward but it also reminds us that one day we can be the one who gets to post "Hired" or "Optioned".

Emma J Steele

This is amazing, Jessica! Congratulations!

Francesca Varisco

Congratulations, Jessica! I'm so happy for you, your story is inspiring! All the best and keep us posted :D

Nicole Eilers

That is fabulous, Jessica! Congratulations!

Richard "RB" Botto

SO thrilled for you, Jessica! Congratulations!!

Phil Parker

Fantastic news, Jessica! Well done!

Jeffrey Walesa

Way to go Jessica!!! Dreams do come true!

Steven Fox

That's awesome!

Ruth Elaine Hane

Your persistence is inspiring! Congratulations!

Richard "RB" Botto

Doing the work and staying persistent is the name of the game.

Ken Belsky

Only in Hollywood! Where's Schwab's? Excellent accomplishment.

Helena Ellison

Thumbs up!

Christina M.Abt

Congratulations! There's definitely something to be said for letting the universe know you are ready. Break a leg!

Shari D. Frost

Big congrats - so exciting!

Gail Kieding

Congratulations! And thank you for the inspiration!

Brandon Rhiness

That's awesome, Jessica! Congratulations. A very inspiring post.

Sy Shanti

Good going Jessica!

Curtis McGann


Yvette Dubel

Congratulations and Thank you sharing your inspiring story, Jessica!

Linda Bradshaw Rogers

Fantastic Jessica! Thanks for the uplift!

Jessica Rose

Keep writing, guys and gals.....keep writing.......

Alix Beech

Congratulations Jessica.

Junior Fletcher

Congrats Jessica....wish you the best.

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Jessica! That's fantastic news!

Violette Soleil

Congratulations! That is so awesome and gives the rest of us hope! Inspiring!

Shannon Forth Davies


Don Kinsey

Well done!

Craig Guerra

Jessica, that's so inspiring! Thank you for starting off my morning with that. EVERyTHING you mentioned is key!

Craig Guerra

Oh and best of luck! God bless! :)

CK Steefel

Congrats, Jessica! All the best!

Michael Kassin

Wonderful news! I've gotten 2 requests for a new script I just recently finished--and I've only pitched 2 places. One requested a Bible, and until 3 weeks ago I didn't know how to write one. Thanks Stage 32 for the help, and thank you Jessica for the inspiration!

Shannon Forth Davies

Congrats Michael! I've had a request for a script too!

Carrie Rasmussen

Congratulations Jessica! Thank you for the encouragement not to give up! It means alot!

Ben Phelps

Congrats on the news!!!

Donna Houser

Just joined Stage 32, thanks for the inspiring feedback! Happy for you Jessica!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome, Donna!

Audrey Levan

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tad Wojnicki

Congrats, Jessica! :) Also thanks for sharing that inpirational twit from Gary Goldstein: "Stay in constant action, work a game plan and most of all contribute to others and ask for help equally well".

Tad Wojnicki

P.S.: I also have a little something to thank STAGE 32 for,,,, Just a sec! :) Let me gather my thoughts,,,

Diana Murdock

Way to go, sista! You done gone and made us proud!!!!

Chuck Pressler

That's awesome Jessica, congrats!

Mary Dallas

That's wonderful! You're an inspiration! Congrats!

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

A truly inspirational story. So Happy for you!

Pat McCord

Every time someone makes it, we all get the message that it's possible for us too. Way to go, Jessica!

Jessica Rose

Thank you all! Stage 32 asked me to write a blog after this posting. Please see under the "Blog" section the blog dated 3/10/15. Share it and email it to your friends. I hope this helps and yes, when one of us makes it, we all are happy and inspired! Can't wait until I can quit my day job and write full-time in this wonderful industry! (Don't we all)!

Shannon Forth Davies

Fabulous news! Congratulations!!

Celeste Allen

Congratulations Jessica, It's exciting to see someone's dream & persistence & hard work pay off!! If u should ever need a mature, well rounded Actress, please don't hesitate to look me up!! I live in Phila, PA & would like to work with you!! Celeste

Audrey Levan


Jessica Rose

Thanks Shannon, Celeste, Audrey and Oneil! O'Neil, we completed everything via email.

Audrey Levan

Dear Jessica, Please Keep me in mind for any project may come up!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William G Chandler Jr

Congratulations Jessica

Harold Vandyke

That's great! Keep us posted.

Marugia Sasso

Yeah! You did it! I'm so happy for you, Jessica! Dream + Dedication = SUCCESS! Up to the next victory!

Phil Parker

that is an awesome and inspiring story. So happy for you!

Jessica Rose

Thank you, Marugia and Phillip! Check out the blog on 3/10/15 on "Why you should Just Do It" for more. I'm still rewriting my other scripts and trying to have them optioned. .......maybe one day!

Dee Chu

Get screenplay copyrighted. In 5 years your screenplay dissapeared from WGA files.

Julie Moffett


Tad Wojnicki

So freaking amazing, but it's happening all the time! :) Vamanos, amigos!

Violette Soleil

Awesome! Congratulations!

Allen Timothy Wood

Congratulations and All the best

Audrey Levan

That is really great!!!!!!!!

Geoff Hall

Well done Jessica!

Anthony Michael Hobbs


William G Chandler Jr

Congratulations Jessica.

Ilhamsah Dwikurniawan Putra

Congratulations! Well Done!

Harold Vandyke

Jessica, you announced this a year ago. Do you have any updates for us?

Jessica Rose

Yes, Harold! I was paid the down payment for my script and we are still waiting to go in production for the western comedy. It is in the producers' hands. In the meantime, after another prayer asking God which script he wanted me to work on next of mine, another screenplay fell in my lap. I finished it before October and recently delivered it to another producer. It is about someone in the music industry. Unfortunately, I had a massive head on collision on October 23, 2015 and have been in a nursing home since that time. My hands still work, and since then I also have an animation series I'm working on for another hired write. Right now I'm working on the anamated synopsis for 12 episodes. I have also connected via Stage 32 with the same gentleman to help produce one of my animated series. It's one of those things we've got a lot of work, you just have to wait on the back in before you get the money! The producers are in my prayers and I hope that they will be able to catch the right financer for the movies they hired me to write. I also have someone interested in reading one of mine when it is finished, however, I have not finished that one yet. I am keeping busy while I'm healing in the rehab center. So thankful for Stage 32!

Harold Vandyke

Thanks for the reply. I wish you continued success and a full recovery. God bless.

Bo. R. R. Tolkien

is hired to write a film, different from selling your screenplay? what is better? I'm glad you got your foot in the door, now you can earn a reputation as a writer.

Jessica Rose

Bo, I believe when you have your own ownership of your own screenplay, you actually make more money, however, when hired to write a film, you may receive a small down payment when you finish the script. They actually give you the story synopsis and in some contracts, you will get script supervisor pay while the film is in production, because you will be helping with the rewrites of different scenes as they come along. You also get a percentage of the money on the backend after they see what the film grossed. If it was your works, your percentage would be more. I want to write, therefore, these hired writes that fell in my lap are excellent experience for me! I loved the genre of each and loved writing them. They will also give me some money, if they go in production. There may be others who may be interested in some of my works after seeing these works. Someone else may be able to tell you the real difference between a hired write and your own work in a more professional way, however, I think it really comes down to money. I don't think you should limit yourself and not do hired writes. The first thing I would suggest is to take a contract class on Stage 32. That's what I did right before I had my first movie offered and because I took that contract class I knew exactly what to expect and the gentleman was actually right on track with what I learned, so I know that I was getting a good deal. The classes on Stage 32 are a must. They are taught by people that are in the industry now, producers, directors, etc. I found out that I was not formatting my script correctly after a manager from Stage32 looked at one of my scripts and told me that it wouldn't be read past the first page if it is not formatted correctly. I have now learned format because of my classes. The webinars can be played later if you can't attend a class during that time range, however, I was able to attend a lot of them and actively speak back-and-forth to the producer that was teaching the class along with the other classmates. Hope this helps answer your question! Please feel free to ask me any other questions. I am still an amateur, but I can tell you what I feel and the experiences I've had. Many blessings your way!

Linda Bradshaw Rogers

Thanks Jessica, I didn't realize S32 offered such a (contract) class. You have a wealth of info...thanks again for sharing.

Jessica Rose

Yes, Linda, they do! A lot of the webinars are only around $49. Some of the more extensive classes are around $199, however, that is still a great cost for this type of education. You can look under the education section and find all kinds of things. Happy Writers and Stage 32 both offer these educational opportunities. I am still an amateur at this, however, please don't hesitate to ask me if you have further questions and I will be glad to share what I have experienced. Take care and many blessings your way!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Oh my Jessica... wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best.

Jessica Rose

Thank you Sylvia! I hope all is well your way!

Jessica Rose

Thank you, Shawn, for posting the link to the Education section! Linda, see link Shawn posted for our convenience.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

I'm great.... thank you. So happy that you have writing goals while you recuperate. Bless you.

Violette Soleil

Congratulations! Best of luck to you and the project!!

Doug Nelson

Zombie post.

Cindi Maciolek

Congratulations! That's awesome!

Leonard D. Hilley II

Fantastic! Congrats!

Jim Eckmann

Congratulations. Stage 32 connected me with the Creative Department of Ramo Law and also an indie producer. Many good ideas on how to improve the TV pilot and series, and work continues.including typing with fingers crossed. Thank you Stage 32!!

Pamela Bolinder

I love happy endings! (and happy beginnings) Congrats!

Alejandro Marello

congratulations, the best for you in this new stage

congratulations again!

Myriam B

Nice one Jessica! Real happy for you, thanks for sharing and encouraging us!

Susan Harris

That's great news, definitely a booster for us all.

Cee Whirx

Congrats on getting hired, Jessica!

Bali Li

Congratulations Jessica R. All the best with your feature film!

Wally Wu

Congratulations!!! That is amazing to hear and this is the place that can make your dreams comes true and it looks like yours has just started. Cheers!

Rose Buscholl

Congratulations that is awesome

Jessica Hoffman


Rebecca Glazer Greene

Amazing! Congrats!

Daisy White


Patrice Williams Marks

I see this post was from 6 years ago. Can you post an update?

Wally Wu

This is amazing!!! Congratulations!!!!

Gaia Kim Bartolini


Jessica Rose


Although our executive producer came close to financing several times, it is not in production at this point. In the meantime, I am staying busy with other works and won finalist at the Reno Tahoe film festival on my animation short, “Elevation” and at the Nashville film festival I won semi finals on my pilot ‘Construction Zone” and my animated pilot, “Luna.’ Thank you for connecting!

Anantha Narayanan G


Roy Hsu


Melissa Nandanwar

Wow! I am really happy for you! :-)

Yvonne Potter

Thrilled for you. Well done!

Navid Lancaster


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