Success Stories: JUL'26 Happy Writer Success! Wow!!!!

Talece Brown

Happy Writer Success! Wow!!!!

Requested! Joey is a Genius. I am a Happy Writer in a "pitch coma" going to bed with an ice pack!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. :) Tal.

Linda Scarlett

Congratulations!!!!!! : )

Eric Westlake

Hope you're out of your coma, Talece. Best wishes on continued success.

Marcia Chandler Rhea

So thrilled for you! Wake've got work to do! Congrats!!!

Stephen Barber

Talece, way to go!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Talece and good luck with the read!

Talece Brown

Thank you all. So very much. XoT

Madeline Drake

Talece, your success uplifts us all! Best of luck! Madeline Drake

Talece Brown

So grateful to each of you for reaching out. Rewrites, pitches, and the waiting is hard. You and Joey's team get me back in front of the mac and keep my chin up. Thank you. Tal.

Frank Gaydos

Way to go Talece..keep the ice pack handy for more good news...thinking good thoughts!

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