Success Stories: MAY'13 Happy Writers has helped me - here's what I've learned

Betty Sullivan

Happy Writers has helped me - here's what I've learned

Hi all, I just wanted to share what I've learned since I've started using Happy Writers. My writing has risen the to professional level, with the writing lab I took from Garrick Dion with Bold Films, producer's reading and giving feedback on my scripts. When I first started pitching I was lousy and didn't get my scripts requested very often. Each producer took time to give me feedback on the way they like to get pitched and I modified my pitch until now I have my scripts requested almost every time. Some of the producers have taken meetings with me. Two producers are developing on of my scripts together. Lastly one of my scripts won their annual contest. So I won money and more meetings. A by product of all of this is me meeting writers from all over the map and sharing scripts with each other and getting feedback from each other. Overall this is the best spent money for me since I began writing. Joey Tuccio who runs the company is very gracious and encouraging always going the extra mile. I have great hope now that my career as a writer is launching nicely now. I don't work for Happy Writers or have any type of incentive to write this except for my gratefulness on how much they've enhanced my career. Hit me up if you ever have questions. Happy Writing. Betty

CJ Walley

Wow this is all great, Betty. Really hoping to make use of Happy Writers soon. Just got to save my pennies.

Ken Belsky

That's alot of great news. This JT must be a real good guy. Look forward to meeting up with all of you soon.!!!

Jon Douglas Rainey

Betty, thanks for sharing. As a new member, I'm still figuring out the pros and cons of the site. This is a boost of positive energy for an artist in unfamiliar territory. I wish you major success with your projects.

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