Happy Writers hooks me up with producer! Well, alright, alright, alright!

I just got an email from Allen at Happy Writers and the producer who read my script Four Negro Girls in A Church read it, liked it and wants to have a meeting after the holidays. He got the script about three months back, so patience is always a virtue.

Kelly Krause

Way to go, Phil! Well-deserved no doubt... Keep us all posted on the meeting. ; )

Doug Nelson

Nice going Uncle Phil - keep us appraised - an' break a leg.

Joleene Moody


Uncle Phil

Kelly, Doug & Joleene: Thank you!

Michael Rogers

Amazing Phil. I love your Laurels it really shows what we should be reaching for if we expect to garner attention from Producers. Well Done!!

Uncle Phil

Michael: Thanks.

John Ellis

Okay, Beth Fox Heisinger , another "financier" has shown up! Paul William Jans.

Dan MaxXx

Follow Uncle Phil's career plan! This dude is making his own breaks, stacking contacts and ideas.
It ain't Luck. It's about puttin in work.
Write on, Boss Phil!

Linda Hullinger

Congratulations! Awesome news! You are always an inspiration for us to keep on trying. : )

Uncle Phil

MaxXxxxx$$$$: Thanks my friend. Much appreciated.

Linda: Your kind words are much appreciated.

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