Success Stories: JUN'20 Hat-Trick for THE COTTON LIBRARY!


Stage32/Happy writers and Mr. Tuccio have helped my original TV series - The Cotton Library, achieve THREE script requests, from THREE different industry execs, from THREE separate online pitches in the last 24 hours! Following Joey’s excellent pitch prep session (worth every penny), I ploughed into my first pitch at 2.30 AM (BST) with Lee Stobby of Silent R Management, my second at 3.30AM, with Simon Graham-Clare of Future Film Group and my third this afternoon, with Jennifer Au of Caliber Media. All three of which asked to see my pilot screenplay and series treatment. I feel like I’ve achieved more in the last 24 hours than in the past three months! Anybody out there, considering the online pitches and still find themselves procrastinating – STOP! Go for it! RB, Joey - couldn’t have done it without you! Eternally grateful, Spike

Spike Thurbon

Thanks Joey, a huge step in the right direction!

Spike Thurbon

Thanks Alle! My sentiment exactly!

Gary O'Toole

Fantastic news. Well done, and can't wait to see it

Varun Prabhu

Fantastic news!!! Congrats :)

Spike Thurbon

Gary, Varun - Thanks for the support guys!

Varun Prabhu

you are welcome, Spike :D

Laurie Ashbourne

Very happy for you, Spike!

Spike Thurbon

Thanks, Laurie, I couldn't have done it without you and your expert advice - thanks for all of your help and encouragement!

Neva J Howell

Woohoo, that's inspiring! Thanks for sharing your success story!

Spike Thurbon

Neva, Mathis, thanks for your kind words and encouragement! Spike

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