Success Stories: JUN'23 Hello Thank you Dear Julie (staff at for asking to put forward my experience on here

Victor Stapelberg

Hello Thank you Dear Julie (staff at for asking to put forward my experience on here

Hello Thank you Dear Julie (staff at for asking to put forward my experience on here. What I can tell is simple to recall. I was contacted through someone who had a friend who saw my profile on via an acting course I attended that was run by John Samaha. An amazing mentor for actors living now in Sydney Australia (but then in Vancouver) I can highly recommend anyone to attend his acting courses and mentor ship he simply is the most awesome in coaching of all types of cast. John opened the doors to the movies for me. I was invited to auditions and and felt blessed to be selected. The full feature movie, my 2nd I was first chosen as Costume and Set Designer When the Director visited my home for a 2nd interview they offered me the Art Direction and then Actor as one actor was missing in the cast. We have a home, that I set to host several scenes and with that saved $ for "Almost a Turkish Soap Opera" the film with props and set. I am a multifaceted persona who loves many things about Art. The director convinced me that I could handle being an Art Director even I had not considered that side of movies. It was a rewarding experience. Beside that there isn't much more to it. My last movie who was a finalist at TIFF 2013 the director who wanted someone with my accent and willing to act 100% in the nude. Not everyone's choice. But when he showed me SHAME with Fassbinder I was quickly convinced allow my "naturist" personality to be taken to the screen. Although now I look way better with twenty pounds less. I am still looking for a new agent in Vancouver and LA. Anyone? I am also a writer and have several books nearing final stages and am looking for a quality screenwriter co operation. If I may add two opinions about A/ I really miss when we were able to subdivide out photos into Albums now it makes no sense for someone who is looking for costumes to have to look through sets and story board pics etc. Many of us here do more than ONE type of work in this media! B/ I seem to get more and more Network requests. I try my best to upkeep with it and welcome everyone BUT when members share NOTHING but one photo that does not show or tell anything then I am not tempted to welcome into the Network. A face only does not tell much about a trade such as costume or set Designer etc..It also shows that people do not seem to show much interest in sharing their knowledge and expertise. Thanks for your time to to read this far and may most here find something suitable to stay happy and work paid and don't shy away from volunteer even the best seem to do it sometimes.

Larenzo Simmons

I concur, very interesting.

Suzanne Lutas

You're multi talented Victor. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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