Success Stories: JUL'14 Hell's bells

Laurie Wygonik

Hell's bells

I'm so excited to get my first script request. I came up with a TV show idea 15 (eeek) years ago. I didn't know how to go about getting it on TV. In the last few years Social networking and GOOGLE helped. I changed the story numerous times, hopefully for the better. I spent some bucks learning almost everything I needed to know and learned how to pitch at a pitch meeting, although I haven't had the chance to do that. Editing is not my thing, but I found success by submitting written pitches to STAGE 32. Joey has been WONDERFUL in guiding me through my first few submissions. With the scores and notes I made more changes. It's great to get feedback from fresh eyes. On my eighth submission I got a request for my pilot script. I continue now with confidence, that someone other than my husband, who is the World's second most perfect man, will read my script. THANK YOU STAGE 32

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Laurie!

Maria Torrez- Ellsperman

Congrats, Laurie. Well done. Good luck. Pens Up!

Allison Chaney

Congratulations! That's such an awesome feeling. Best of luck to you in your career, Laurie!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Super! You are determined! Congrats!

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