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Gavin Logan

Hi everyone…I'm new

Hello all. It wasn't until about a year ago that I really discovered a new found love for screenwriting and decided that I needed to give myself a kick up the arse. I have since been made redundant from my day job and I guess I have a new focus now on writing. I began writing a script (which was intended to be a two part drama) and submitted part one to the BBC Writersroom. It was the first piece of writing I have ever submitted. To my complete surprise I received an email telling me that I had made it through to the full-read and feedback stage (only 5% of scripts make it to that point). I was over the moon. When I finally got my feedback I was extremely happy with what they said. There was some good points and some bad points but overall I think it was a positive response from them. I decided to ditch the idea of a two part drama and rewrite it as a feature film. I just completed it last week and its been extremely difficult but very rewarding to read it back. Once I have done a proper complete rewrite and feel that it is ready I will add it on here. I have begun work on my second feature project and have loads of ideas about where Im going to go afterwards. I hope to engage with other aspiring screenwriters on here so we all can help each other develop and achieve our goals of getting our scripts made. Regards -Gavin

Mike Stanford

Great news of the good feedback from the BBC. I've just given myself the proverbial kick and am working on a few ideas myself, after a depressing career in recruitment. Hopefully going to enter something to the Writersroom this autumn after attending a seminar given by Henry Swindell. Good luck with the writing mate!

Diana Eiranova-Kyle

Great start! I have been toying with sending my first script, very controversial by Hollywood standards because it deals with the Roman Catholic church, to the BBC, which I am sure will receive it with open arms, especially because it is based on my husband's 20-years experience as an activist priest fighting the local (Chicago) and Vatican hierarchy set on selling to fat-cat real estate developers churches and schools in working class neighborhoods. So thanks for your story and the best of luck with your current and future projects. Same to you, Mike..

Ralph Shorter

Good for you, Gavin! Looks like you're on your way! I only WISH my start was as stellar as yours. It's taken me years to be noticed by anyone....

Gavin Logan

I must admit that nothing actually happened with my script other than receiving some helpful feedback. BBC Writersroom is purely to give feedback but they do say that if they find the work exceptional they may keep it on records with a view to possibly produce it. I think I was just so happy because it was the first script I'd ever sent away

Ellen Schoeters

Wauw Gavin! That is really a beautiful story and a great example for how valuable it is to follow your heart, and experience your passion! Thanks for sharing!

Rashaad King

Fantastic! I've been thinking about submitting some material to them as well.

Sonja Jones

welcome :)

Samantha Rivers Cole


Sandra Reed

Gavin, welcome to the world of writing. It is an enjoyable , yet it is like a roller coaster ride. Keep on believing in yourself. Writing is such a wonderful experience. I love the it!

Jackie Slade

It is important to put in a food scene to make it real. Spoken like a true food stylist.

Moses Mugo

Well done. I wish you all the best in your future pursuits!

Nina Norstrom


Evan Marlowe

Congrats. You may find as I did that Brits are MUCH kinder to writers than here in the states.

Matt Sanford

wow! thanks for sharing your experience. your instinct and ambition are passing off. good job!

Matt Sanford

...paying off

Lisa Souza

Fantastic news, Gavin!

Lina Jones

That's so good! Isn't it fabulous when you discover hidden talent!

Peter Savigny

Very motivating to just START!

Carmen Anthony Fiore

Check out my website ( and read my page on tips for writers, it offers suggestions regarding prose and screenplay writing. It might be helpful.

Dr. Randall Maxwell

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