Hired by director Sean Hoeslli to write true crime story.

I'm pleased to announce that I procured a work for hire gig via Inktip Magazine. I made a connection with director Sean Hoeslli, who has a movie coming out next month. Sean was also a visual arts coordinator and manager on such films as Star Wars, Phantom Menance, Sin City, Hellboy and Shrek, the Final Chapter. https://www.inktip.com/main_total_deals_closed.php?l_id=3182#.Wa8mlzeYOB...

InkTip - Weekly Successes
InkTip - Weekly Successes
No matter the genre or budget of the script, or the experience of the writer you need, InkTip is proven to help producers and reps like you find what you're looking for.
Owen Mowatt

Goddamn it!

I just Goggled Sean Hoeslli to see why the police were hunting him. Haha

Uncle Phil

Owen: Damn it! You're right. Got to fix that.

Jody Ellis

Exciting! Congrats!

Michael Rogers

Awesome news!

Pierre Langenegger

Great news, Phil. Congrats.

Uncle Phil

Thanks to Jody, Michael and Pierre for checking in. Much appreciated.

Sarah Edmondson

Congratulations :)

Travis Sharp

Awesome, time to shine Uncle Phil!

Uncle Phil

Sarah and Travis: Thanks!

Linda Hullinger

Congratulations, Phillip. That's awesome. You are always an inspiration!

Theresa Drew


Rubén Soler Ferrer

Wow, great!

Uncle Phil

Theresa and Reuben:


Aray Brown


Cherelynn Baker

Way to go! Good luck!

Vohary Soa Ralaiarisolo

oh it's such a good news! congrats :) By the way, I'm new here in stage32. My name is Vohary and I'm an author. I write and direct documentary movies. Please take a look at my bio and add me :) thank you

Shawn Speake

F@@k yeah! That's what's up, Uncle Phil. Huge congrats, brother! U R the man!

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