Success Stories: DEC'31 Hired to write a script, first draft turned in!

Benjamin Grund

Hired to write a script, first draft turned in!

About a year ago, I met the president of a small production company at a Stage 32 Meet Up in NYC. Today, I turned in the first draft of the feature screenplay he hired me to adapt from his short story. I've learned so much from this process and Stage 32 has been there for many steps of the journey (I wrote the 2nd Act in the November Write-Club!) I look forward to turning in my second draft and another year of improving the craft. Cheers Stage 32, happy new year!

Jeanie Hobgood

Good going Benjamin! Good luck and have a Happy New Year.

Gina Leone

Congratulations, Benjamin.

Philip Sedgwick

Well done, Benjamin. A great way to wrap one year and enter another. Cheers!

Kimberly Burks


Tad Wojnicki

Congrats, Benjamin! :) It would be interesting and instructive for all of us to hear about the process of adapting a short story for the movies, and also about the learning curve you've gone through ,,, Your case sounds already exciting!

Wilfredo Aqueronramos

Happy new year to everybody, let's keep it up and push through this adventure call live. Best wishes Wilfredo Aqueron

Tom Garvey

Being new to Stage 32, I would like to get an honest critique of one or two of my thirty five short stories that I am placing together in a complete screenplay of Organized crime and law enforcement.

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