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Success Stories: SEP'7 "House" to "House" Horrors requested!!

Jason Grimste

"House" to "House" Horrors requested!!

First Blumhouse and now Ghost House! My script #DontWakeHer is now in the hands of two of the BIGGEST Horror production companies in the world. I am beyond elated. Joey is providing a great service here. He's got our backs folks! Here's to everyone's continued success!!

James Gregory

I'm hoping everyone on here has success ; )

Scott Whenman

Wow, that's great news. I hope all goes well for you.

Jade Cameron Sharp

That's truly awesome! Congratulations!!

Jan Evans

Excellent! Really happy for you! And James, what a kind thing to say. I'm with you; I hope everybody is successful. It's such a tough business that I see anyone's step forward as a positive thing for all of us.

Boomer Murrhee

Congratulations Jason. Hope this is only your first step to success.

Robert Broad

Well done Jason, looking forward to hearing about your sale!

M.J. Hill

Wow Jason, all your hard work is paying off...congrats.

Mike Romoth

S32 is a fantastic opportunity for many people. I'm always glad to hear about the success of others. Keep up the good work...

Chris Hind

Thanks for sharing your successes with us Jason! May there be many more!

Lawrence Costales

Congrats - much success

Nick Belial

May your script scare up the deal of your dreams!

Amanda Toney

This is awesome Jason! Definitely keep up updated on all your successes with this script!! :)

James Gregory

Keep us posted Jason : )

Shawn Speake

Yeah, yeah! Congrats, jason! I sent you a PM.

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