Success Stories: JUL'19 I Found a Screenwriter Here at Stage 32 and We Have An Option Deal On the Table Now

Valerie Michele Oliver

I Found a Screenwriter Here at Stage 32 and We Have An Option Deal On the Table Now

It will be two-years next month since I reached out to, JACOB LARCH (an award-winning screenwriter and Stage 32 member), to collaborate with me on my idea and concept for a historical-based, period-crime-suspense-thriller TV series set in 16th century England. My query went like this: "I know you're a busy guy but do message me if you'd like to explore co-writing a historical-based miniseries set in the 16th century with a goal for airing on BBC." He said, yes! Currently, we have an option deal on the table from a production company in the U.K., and they have asked that we not talk about the project while negotiations are under way. So, this is all I can say about it for now. Your success is coming up. Don't be afraid to reach out to members here, and don't get discouraged if it takes a while to find the best match for you. I'm a HUGE fan of Stage 32, and wish you all the very best with your projects.

Richard "RB" Botto

This is absolutely fantastic, Valerie! And so deserved. I know how hard you work! Wishing you both the very best with the project. So thrilled for you.

Tracy Kash

Wow. Congrats!! That's amazing news. All the best of luck to you.

Amanda Toney

Congratulations Valerie! We're so happy and excited for you! :)

Shawn Speake

That's what's up! Congrats!

Dawn Gonchar

Wonderful! Best of luck to you both on this project!

Valerie Michele Oliver

Thanks so much for all the comments! Much appreciated.

Erzabet Bishop

This is such a great idea for a project. If I can help in any way I would love to!

Michael Shandrick

thanx finally big dave for the invite

Michael Shandrick

thnx 4 the invite.

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