Screenwriting : In production in 2014 by E J Mack

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E J Mack

In production in 2014

Delighted to announce my screenplay 'Festival' has been picked up by British Youth Film Academy for production this year!

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats. What a way to start the year!

E J Mack

thank you - let's hope it's started as it means to go on!

Albert Barrera

Congrats, EJ!

E J Mack

thank you!

Tavares Jamal Cherry

Congrats EJ!

E J Mack


Antonio Villaronga


Laura Koons

That's fantastic!

Pierre Langenegger

Great news, EJ. Congratulations.

Christian D Chapra


E J Mack

thanks everyone! high hopes for 2014 :)

Mark Roman


Tabitha Baumander

fingers crossed for you

Bill Hartin

Congrats! Is it a feature or a short? Our production consortium is accepting short script submissions for possible production.

E J Mack

It's a feature - have yet to master the art of writing a short :)

MJ Brewer

Terrific! Good for you because it's a heck'uva way to start 2014, wouldn't you say?

Jonnie Dean

Sounds good, do you know when they start production?

E J Mack

Filming in July/August so should be casting any day now.

Eoin O'Sullivan


Eric Ian Steele

Well done! What's it about?

Anna Elias


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