Success Stories: MAY'1 It Started With Hello...

Laurie Ashbourne

It Started With Hello...

This success story is one that is far reaching and involves a lot more Stage 32 members than just me. It’s also not over yet – and will eventually become a more in-depth accounting of true success. But first, it started with a simple request to connect and a courteous hello. It was almost exactly a year ago (late April 2014) a screenwriter from the UK joined Stage 32. I was one of the first to say hello to Spike Thurbon and we quickly had some pleasant exchanges and he asked if I would have a look at a pilot he wrote and give him some advice on how to market it. I explained that it wasn’t the normal type of consulting I do, but I’d be happy to accommodate. In addition to the advice he sought I gave him some notes on how to get the script into shape for a more industry friendly read. We had some more back and forth and but then wouldn’t chat again until last November. Turns out he had given himself the year to focus on his writing and get out of career of pub work and that year was coming to a close. He’d gotten some good feedback on his material, but nothing solid and was not looking forward to returning to the pub (for work) – but he did have another pilot he wanted me to look at, which I gladly did. Spike is one of those writers that just ‘gets it,’ he creates fantastic worlds that push the envelope – they are ambitious but never boring. But in their ambition, they take a big commitment to get behind. Cut to this April and Spike reached out. Turns out he responded to a posting on Stage 32 for a writer, and in doing so had to submit samples. So he sent his pilots in. Producer, Gabriele D’Ambrosio, from Advance Reality in the UK, really connected with Spike’s material and agreed to take BOTH on, in addition to giving him the re-write job for a feature he had in development. Spike mentioned that he would want me to look at the first draft when it was finished. So Gabriele looked into my background and asked me to board one of the pilots and the feature. In the meantime, he has also found a director, Peter Claridge, for the pilot, a character designer for the pilot’s website, Catherine Archer-Wills, and other parties we are still in early talks with ALL here on Stage 32. These are all extremely talented people, spread across the globe, and I couldn’t be happier to be working with them. We’ve got a lot of work ahead in getting the package market ready but I had to post something before this little hello grew into a novel-sized success story. When we get to that stage you can be sure everyone on Stage 32 will be the first to know about it. There are 3 takeaways here: 1) It never hurts to say hello, no matter where on Earth the connection resides. 2) It takes a village, so be prepared to help others first and they will remember you. 3) The site works best when you use it organically and not try to force your work or services at others, trust me when the work is ready the opportunity will come, and come in floods.

Spike Thurbon

Thank you, for the kind words, Laurie. I'm thrilled to see the team building around my concepts, and thoroughly enjoying the process! I can't speak more highly of Stage32 and the network of professionals I have had the privilege to meet here on this amazing platform. Joining S32, exactly one year ago has literally proven to be a career-changing move! Anyone reading this, and doubting the power of "hello", feel free to drop me a line, I'll happily change your mind!

Phil Parker

What a great story! Very happy for all of you and inspired by the way you guys networked in and around Stage 32. Well done. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing more!

Emma J Steele

Wow, this is an incredible story and illustrates exactly what Stage 32 is not only about, but what you can achieve. Good luck to all of you moving forward!

Laurie Ashbourne

Thanks, Everyone. It really is a testament to the site and a great example of how it works. Stay tuned for more!

Mark Glamack

A collaborative business it is, and with that the most talented people in the world. When all the right people are in place it becomes movie magic.

Rosalind Winton

What a brilliant post, thank you so much, and congratulations, I agree with everything you've said and you worded it all beautifully :)

CJ Walley

This just put such a huge smile on my face :) Massive congratulations all round. Very much deserved, very much proves the power of Stage 32. Can't wait to see it all come together.

Gabriele D'Ambrosio

Thank you, Laurie, it is fantastic to have met you and the other members of our evolving team! Stage32 is a fantastic platform, and I look forward to expanding our talented team here in the community.

Elisabeth Meier

What a wonderful story. Thanks to Laurie for sharing it and congrats to you all, Laurie, Spike and Gabriele for great networking. This is exactly what I hoped stage32 would be when I joined here 5 days ago. I'm really grateful that stage32 makes such things possible. All the best and good luck for all your projects, folks!

Michelle White

Absolutely inspiring! Congratulations to you both. I love when things work out like this! Continued success!

Shari D. Frost

Laurie, what a great story -- thanks so much for sharing! This is exactly what it's all about, exactly what I love so much about Stage 32! I'll look forward to seeing the pilot. Best of luck, all, though it doesn't sound like you need it :)

CaSandra Mathis

Thanks for sharing. For a newbie, this is exactly what I need to hear. I'm even further encouraged. Good luck!

Lauren Elizabeth Jayne Stiener

Brilliant story all from a simple hello This will give so much encouragement to many 3 takeaways x so true Good Luck

Marlene Hamerling

Wonderful story! And the take-aways are excellent. In just the month I've been on Stage 32, I've connected with so many incredibly talented, helpful, and generous people, it's almost overwhelming. Well done and all the best with your project!

Sandra McMurphy

All the wonderful things that happen here make me want to become a script writer.

Tara Wilken

What a cool story! Thank you for sharing! Sometimes when we reach out, we are unaware of the impact we make. Thank you for reminding everyone, myself included how valuable a "Hello" can be. Enjoy the day and your journey.

Suzanne Lutas

A simple "Hello", but generous, talented people behind it. And, of course an amazing S32 platform to make these success stories and great encounters possible. Congratulations and thank you to all of you!

Joanne Hope

Wow! What a great story! Thank you for sharing. And oh yeah....HELLO

Ronda Thompson

Hi Laurie! Not surprising!! You are a wonderful person to work with and we have enjoyed having you working on our script!! I think I found you from a comment you had made on Stage 32 that ended up on LinkedIn and that's how I was introduced to Stage 32! Such a wonderful platform!!! Congratulations to Spike and this wonderful team you are a part of! Hope all goes well with it! Hopefully our project is just around the corner!!

Laurie Ashbourne

Hi Ronda - that's fantastic to hear that connection. I always wondered about that, I think I've gotten 2 jobs from linkedin over many years of being on there and they have only been in recent years (Yours and Amazon Studios). Anyway, YES your project will be just around the corner! Talk soon.

Ronda Thompson

But it was all because you made a comment on an interesting article that was posted on Stage 32! We've got a commitment for half the budget so just need the other half! Working on that!!! Looking forward to talking very soon!

David Levy

Great story Laurie! The kindness you show to everyone pays in spades in the end. You truly are selfless when it comes to helping other writers!

Dawson Howard

Adding to all those above. Congratulations to you both. Well done

Deb Havener

I can attest to everything wonderful that peeps are posting about Laurie. She is what every producer needs. For me, it's the necessary kick to keep moving forward. Thanks, Laurie -- and I have a handful of updates to send your way soon. xoxox :D

Laurie Ashbourne

Yay, Deb! you have been on my mind a lot lately. We definitely have some catching up to do.

Dash Riprock

Love stories like this.

Richard Haylor

Great story,many thanks for sharing it laurie.

Dawson Howard

Brilliant, great reading and makes me happy that success does really happen.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

This site is just so cool! It's like a conduit for the magic of synchronicity. Thanks for posting this story, Laurie.

Rosalind Winton

Fantastic story - I've also gotten work from members of the site, just from conversations back and forth with someone on a screenplay, it really is true that if you plant an acorn, a tree will grow. Congratulations on your successes and thank you for the great story :)

Celeste Allen

Awesome & beautiful story!! Glad I saved this 1 to read for later!! That was 3 Mo ago!!

Matthew Roze

It's nice to see and read positive things that have happened from using social media, what a great story.

Francesca Varisco

Wow, wonderful story Laurie! Congratulations to you all, and thanks for being an inspiration:)

Bill Hartin

Thanks for sharing this fascinating and inspiring account of how things can work when the right people share a common vision, understanding and commitment to something special. Can't wait for the next installment.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

So fantastic that this thread is still going... success stories are always inspirational... especially when it's someone with no ego... like our Laurie. xoxo

Laurie Ashbourne

Very kind, Sylvia! I can't wait to hear all about your recent successes!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

I can't wait to tell you all about it... it was totally awesome. I know we're both busy... but let's arrange on Skype soon. PM me anytime. xo

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