Success Stories: JUL'14 It's Another Day in Paradise

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It's Another Day in Paradise

Started the week with a nice surprise. Joe Russo from Level 1 Entertainment requested my script SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. According to the Bible, during the period of the Great Revolution between Good and Evil, God condemned his favorite angel, Lucifer, to eternal damnation in Hell. But God took pity on his old ally and promised him an opportunity to roam the Earth for a period of seven years at some time in the future. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is a heart-pounding supernatural action horror thriller about a journalist, KASEY JONES, (Jamie Chung), who discovers that Hell has infiltrated the White House and that LUCIFER himself (Bryan Cranston) has possessed the President. She finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between Angels and Demons. I'll keep you posted. John A

Angel Matheson

Wow, what a story

John Cruz Alarid

Thanks. Check out the movie poster I made for it. I think you can access it in my photos. Again, thanks. Wish me luck.

Angel Matheson

Cool and creepy!!

Dave McCrea

cool. but why does the devil always have to be a white man? smh...

John Cruz Alarid

Because it's Hollywood.

York Davis

Back in the 1870s in my script "Cakewalk" the devil on horseback was black. Twelve year-old May Irwin my white protagonist had to resolve her imaginary black devil, to fulfil her father's dying wish. But that's maybe another!

Amanda Toney

Congrats, John. Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your future successes!

Shawn Speake

That's what's up. Congrats!

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