Success Stories: SEP'26 JUST SOLD my paranormal horror short! The Visitor

Donnalyn Vojta

JUST SOLD my paranormal horror short! The Visitor

Stage 32 provided me with a place to showcase my loglines and film synopses, and, sure enough, the placement paid off! I highly recommend Stage32 to any writers seeking to sell their original scripts. The Visitor is set for production in 2020 by Atton Films Entertainment and director, C'airra Cortex.

Phil Clarke

Congratulations, Donnalyn.

Allen Lynch


Rutger Oosterhoff

Cool, you deserve it!!

Andrew Heard


Cumberlain Rattlesnake

VERY COOL!!!! What's next? ;)

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats, Donnalyn. Very cool.

David Whelan

Brilliant stuff. Well done!

Donnalyn Vojta

Thank you everyone!! Especially, thank you to Philip and Rutger for being so supportive when I first joined S32. :-)

Donnalyn Vojta

What's next? I'm hoping to sell my drama/murder mystery feature script OVERCOMING BLOOD and my crime drama/romance script MILLIONS ACTS! If you know anyone interested, Cumberlain or anyone else who's commented on this thread, DO LET ME KNOW!! It'd be much appreciated~

Rutger Oosterhoff

Thanks Donnalyn.

Philip Sedgwick

You are welcome! Glad to see of your success. Great stuff.

Solange Plaza

congratulations! that's amazing :)

Willie Singh


Phil Parker

A hearty congrats!

Sam Borowski

CONGRATS, Donnalyn! Break Legs! GOD BLESS and * STAY FRESH * !

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


Matthew Hall

Well done!

Sagar Prasai

Congrats Mam.

Leya Marincic

Congratulations :)))

Pamela Bolinder

YAY! Congrats!

Lesley Lillywhite

How exciting Donnalyn. I am happy for you.

J. Kenner

That's fabulous!!!!!

Vasco Saraiva


Richard Gustason

That is awesome.

Sharon Hankins


Vital Butinar

Waw! Congratulations! That is one great achievement.

David H.

Congratulations, Donnalyn :)!

JP Parra


Axel Geran

Congratulation!!! I hope everyone some success and myself too!!!

Elaine Roberts-Kercheff

Congratulations! Great to hear!

Donnalyn Vojta

Axel, I wish you success, too!!

Melanie Star Scot

That's wonderful & inspiring! Congrats!

Donnalyn Vojta

Well, S32 members have inspired me, so I hope I can inspire them to keep trying no matter what! Thanks, Melanie!

Elisabeth Johanna Bennenbroek

Success with your story. Interesting I wonder often why some rooms in care centre are more empty than used, Story for you????

Caroline Rovello

Congratulation$ ...

Roy Dickson

Congrats! Love hearing the success story, and would love to pick your brain about your journey!

All the best of luck in your future endeavors.

David H.

Wow, congratulations!

Matthew Barker

Wow! Congratulations, Donnalyn Vojta !!!!!

Phil Clarke

Brava, Donnalyn!

Laszlo Adam

Just wow! Congratulation!

Donnalyn Vojta

Thanks you, everyone for all of the congrats, but the film won’t be made. The producer’s funding fell through. Maybe next year.

Laszlo Adam

No way... I am sorry about that..:(

Leya Marincic

Oh no! That's terrible! I'm sorry. My boyfriend has had the same thing happen and it sucks. :(

What happened and why?

Michael L. Burris

Success! Congrats.

Axel Geran

Congrats !!!

Lyter Daniel


JJ Hillard

Kudos to you!!

Susan Harris

Well done to you, congrats.

Chad Ayinde


Victor Ramon Mojica


Christian Nommay

Congratulations! This is really inspiring!

Stacey Simmons


Kenton Ferguson


Rogerio Maudonnet


Marcellus Barron


Gayle Herbert Robinson

That's wonderful! I wish you all the best.

James Welday


Claude Gagne


Marketa M. Bumpus


Aidan Hughes

Congrats from DC

Tristan Hutchinson

Congrats. Another success story to help fellow authors out with their own works.

Jane Allyson

I am now going to turn all my scripts into books. Let the publisher sell the book to a film company. LOL

Victor Ramon Mojica

Congrats so cool, Donnalyn!!!

Vanessa Chamberlain

WOW!! Congratulations, Donnalyn, on your success!!!

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