Success Stories: AUG'2 Joey saved my bacon!

Elise Modrovich

Joey saved my bacon!

I had a written pitch for a television pilot I wrote and over the course of one weekend got three passes. Based on their comments, I knew that I had somehow missed the mark on my pitch. I revised my pitch and thought it was perfect (of course)! But then took a chance and paid the consulting fee with Joey and it was INVALUABLE. He really cares about making us successful! Based on Joey's help and advice, I tweaked the pitch again and the pilot has now been requested. TWICE! Crossing fingers...

Amanda Toney

Congrats Elise!! Best of luck to you in whatever happens with your project! :)

John Cruz Alarid

Best wishes always. Keep us posted. So excited for you.

John Cruz Alarid

It's been four months.

Colin Guest

Persistence always wins in the end.

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