Success Stories: APR'30 Landed a great part!

Landed a great part!

I am thrilled to announce that Stage 32 has led me to my next project! Thank you Stage 32!! I will be playing a principal role in the film King Eternal, written and directed by Christiano Dias. Please visit his Stage 32 page, and help make this wonderful and imaginative script a reality by joining our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo!

Laura Koons

Hey Lisa, Congratulations! I guess I'm a "hero" now... ha! I am so happy to see another Stage 32 success story. Wonderful news!

Lisa Roumain

Laura, you rock!! Thank you so very much for your generous support, and I'm so happy to have you in my network!

Christopher Hart

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I don't know you, but, I'm happy for you. Wait...Do I need to?

Matt Milne

Congratulations, you go for it.

Lisa Roumain

Thanks so much!

Naomi Lisner


T N Mohan

Congrates!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

Tiffy Diamond

Congrats that's wonderful!

Stevanne Auerbach

This is great news. Congrats to Lisa and castng director. The film concept sounds timely and worthwhile.

Lisa Roumain

Thanks so much!

Stevanne Auerbach

Keep us updated on what happens next cant wait to see the film and you in it best ahead Stevanne

Lisa Roumain

Will do! Thanks so much for your support!

George Rodrigues

Congrats Lisa! :)

Glenn D. Grace

Congratulations, Lisa!

Evelyn James

Whoop whoop! Love this site!

Cliff Marlow

Hi Evelyn, You are certainly multi -talented , but then lots of us Brightonions are. Wrgds Cliff

Stevanne Auerbach

Wonderful news. Congrats!!

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