Success Stories: JUL'17 Locked a script for production

Philip Sedgwick

Locked a script for production

I'm very pleased to announce that director Najat Jellab (The Projectionist) and I have come to terms on my short script, Polly's Potion. In fact, today we locked the script and are now officially in preproduction in Montreal. Najat and I met here on Stage 32 and have aspirations of more projects upon getting this short into the festival arena. It gets even better. Last year, without knowing of each others existence, we both had short films in the Montreal World Film Festival.

Diane Kryzaniak

Congratulations! That's wonderful!!!

Philip Sedgwick

It is. Thanks, Diane. The start of things to come.

Sia Kiwa

Congratulations. I hope this works out for you.

Jason Levy

Congratulations Philip! That's so great. Very happy for you.

Keith Myers Melton

Well done - nice to hear about successes, motivating stuff!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Getting connected is everything. It may take a while to find that right person and it sounds like you have Philip. Best to both of you.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you all for your kudos. It's a provocative script and we're certainly targeting the fests. But it's a testament to know never know who you're going to meet here on Stage 32.

Roberta Vlier

Congrats, very proud to hear this.

Suzanne Lutas

That's wonderful, I'm really happy for you. Best of luck with your project!

Howard Allen

Not surprising considering Philip's talent but also great news.

Amanda Toney

Goes to show you how small the world really is! Congrats to you Philip and I wish you all the best :)

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks again, all. And so kind of you to say, Howard!

Dawn Gonchar

Congratulations - that's awesome! Best of luck to you on your project!

Janet Biery

Congratulations. Did you direct and produce your short for the festival last year, or have a team?

Philip Sedgwick

@Janet, I did not direct. We had quite a team. Great actors. Strong director, and of course, awesome writing.

Janet Biery

Still impressive. I admire everyone on this site that goes beyond the dreaming stage.

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