Success Stories: JAN'28 Paige Harsha hired as Makeup Artist | A Ghost of A Chance

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Makeup Artist hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Paige Harsha, a Makeup Artist from Des Moines, Iowa was just hired for the project titled "A Ghost of A Chance". Congratulations!

Amanda Toney

So awesome Paige, Congrats!!

Paige Harsha

Thank you!!! My first film job, I'm so excited to start in this industry!

CJ Walley

Congrats on getting your first job, Paige. Let us know how it goes :)

Spike Thurbon

Congratulations, Paige! Really happy to read this today, especially after reading a particularly negative opinion, earlier, in the forums, with reference to the effectiveness of the job section of this site! Always great to see them proven wrong! Keep up the good work, Stage32, and good luck with the job, Paige, the first of many to come!

Paige Harsha

Thank you all so much! This site is so encouraging!

CJ Walley

Your success is encouraging, Paige :)

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