Success Stories: AUG'17 Millennium loves me, they really love me!

Randy Vampotic

Millennium loves me, they really love me!

Or at least they kinda like me. Okay, they were somewhat intrigued by my pitch. Let a guy live for a while, huh? Wow, my very first online pitch and they went for it; Millennium requested my script. I should be lining these pitch things up all weekend, like I was my own agent, which I guess I am. I haven't pitched in a long time, and this was a great way to jump back in. The format is nearly perfect. Lesson learned, I'll be back for more. I have to say, I was initially skeptical about the whole online pitching idea. I assumed it would be low-level, bottom-feeding producers looking for their next direct-to-DVD title, but it most definitely is not that. Then I actually looked at it, and as I notice many of the posters here can attest, these are real executives in decision making positions at big time companies; exactly the kinds of people you would hope your agent could get you in to see (if you have an agent). And for the record, Beth Bruckner is the nicest, funniest most relaxing pitchee you could hope for. I can't say enough about how grateful, appreciative and impressed all of the writers here should be for Joey Tuccio's brilliantly conceived, meticulously executed and enormously valuable secret back door into Hollywood. So thanks again Joey, what a blast!

Jan Evans

Excellent! Good for you and congrats! I think these pitch things are a good opportunity.

Amanda Toney

Congrats Randy!! All the best to you! :) So happy that you have found the Happy Writers. Joey really is amazing and can change your life!

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