Success Stories: OCT'22 Morgan White, Sundial Pictures Pitch Meeting through Stage 32

Astrid Black

Morgan White, Sundial Pictures Pitch Meeting through Stage 32

I had a phone pitch (due to technical problems with Skype) through Stage 32's Happy Writers with Morgan White from Sundial Pictures. It was my first ever pitch meeting and for my first feature film "At the Water's Edge" so I wasn't sure how well I would do but thought it was great opportunity to learn and improve. As kind of a side note I live in Australia so with the time difference I actually had the meeting at around 5:30am (my local time), luckily I had spent the night writing notes to prepare and ensure I didn't get jumbled! :D After the pitch I felt really good about how it had gone and was very excited about the potential ( I cannot thank Stage32 enough for the opportunity), Morgan was really great and I felt very at ease talking to her, I was worried it would be intimidating but she made the process really fun and enjoyable and I couldn't have asked for a better first pitch experience. I went to bed and before falling asleep I was thinking about what a great opportunity even having the meeting was and that anything more would be a bonus. When I woke, I checked my email (as is my habit) and was pleasantly surprised to find an email from Joey saying Script Requested. I had thought it would take a few days to hear back (if at all) so I was really excited, but a little nervous because my screenplay was originally written in non-Hollywood format and I had been meaning to make some alterations to the script before putting it out there, I spent the rest of the day until midnight (my local time, LA time 9:00am) reformatting the screenplay and I decided the ending, in terms of setting and a few other minor details, didn't match the overall tone of the film so I re-wrote it. Obviously I am hoping to hear that Sundial Pictures really enjoyed the script and are interested in producing the film, but honestly, for a first feature and first meeting I'm so pleased to get the script request and I would definitely recommend the experience.

Astrid Black

Thanks Joey :) I also entered an original teleplay in the Happy Writer's Annual Teleplay Competition, so fingers crossed someone likes that concept too. Finally I am also currently developing feature film number two and will definitely be pitching that through Stage32 when it's completed. Thanks to all of you at Stage32 again for providing these opportunities.

Mark Simborg

Nice work! First pitch and a request. One for one :)

Kelley Cantrell

Awesome! So happy to hear about your first pitch and request!

Todd Plesco

Thank you for sharing your great experience. Your positive encouragement to others is great.

Astrid Black

Thank you everyone for your support :) I really appreciate it. I'm still nervously waiting to hear what Morgan thought of the actual screenplay but will let everyone know once I know. Thank you again :)

Maureen Reese

Way to go Astrid! You are on your way.

York Davis

Great going Astrid... but wasn't it difficult to be wide-awake and lucid after writing notes!

Stanford Wheeler Crane Jr.

every journey begins with a first step

CK Steefel


Violette Soleil

Good Luck!

Bill Hartin

Your words are encouraging to all of us scribes. Thanks for sharing. Congrats and good luck with the next steps.

Jennifer Norton

well done and good for you!

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