Success Stories: JUN'15 Museum Hit!

Sari Eliza

Museum Hit!

Hello, Stage 32. It's been too long since the last post. Got busy last year creating an animated short for a local museum in Seymour, Texas, the same site that inspired my 'Permian' idea. The Whiteside Museum of Natural History was looking forward to have an educational cartoon for the young visitors, and we soon settled to describe Dimetrodon features. Forked out my Adobe experiences from college and found additional help to compose a pre-dinosaur world focusing on speculative theories of how the D-don was the apex predator. Was in a middle of a prolonged cold when I got it delivered to the museum last March in time for the spring break crowd. AND THEY LOVE IT! Of course, it's just a pilot episode for what I except to be a promising series of shorts, but now 3-Point Animation has its first cartoon!

Pat Savage

Congratulations Sari Eliza !!

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