Success Stories: NOV'10 My First Film Trailer

CJ Walley

My First Film Trailer

Well here it is, the trailer for Break Even. I wrote a freaking movie, guys! I WROTE A FREAKING MOVIE AND LOOK AT IT!!!

So many of you have been telling me how excited you are to see this. Thank you so much for being so supportive throughout the journey from the day I signed the assignment contract to the day I landed in LA and back again. You are all awesome and your kindness fuels so much motivation.

What a mind-blowing experience from Shane Stanley contacting me in March last year about putting something together to shooting just twelve months later. Now it’s edited and ready to go. Spring 2020, baby, it’s coming!

I can’t begin to describe just how wonderful the cast and crew were during production. It felt like every hurdle imaginable was thrown our way on a daily basis but people remained upbeat, professional, and creative. I am so enormously proud of this team it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Shane is also the type of leader we all need; decent to his core, kind as can be, with a work ethic I’ve never witnessed before. Talk about leading by example. It feels like such a blessing to have been able to collaborate with him.

On top of that, I feel so grateful for the friendships I’ve made out of helping make this happen. Some truly amazing people have come into my life.

For more information on the cast and crew, please visit the IMDb page as there’s far too many names to list here;

If you’re at AFM, you can find out more by visiting Artists View Entertainment;…/artist-view-entertainment

If you can share, that’s awesome. There’s so many creatives out there looking for inspiration. If a guy from Stoke can go to Hollywood and make a movie, you can absolutely do the thing.

Live fast, play dirty.

Break Even - IMDb
Break Even - IMDb
Directed by Shane Stanley. With Steve Guttenberg, Tasya Teles, James Callis, Arienne Mandi. Four adventurous friends find 50M in cash at a remote island only to discover it was left by the DEA for the…
Harri-Pekka Virkki

Amazing! Congrats and thanks for updating here on Stage 32. I want to see the film next spring!

Benjie Anderson

Way cool, CJ! Looks as great as any "major" studio production. Congratulations!

Stevan Šerban

Awesome! Congratulations!

Philip Sedgwick

Fantastic! Looks great!

Teresa Barber

This one, I look forward to watching...

Brian Fitzgerald

Congratulations, has to feel amazing! Looks good too!

Akin Kongi


Winnie Khaw


Rosalind Winton

That's brilliant, congratulations :)

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