Success Stories: AUG'2 My First Script Request through Happy Writers!

Steve Sherman

My First Script Request through Happy Writers!

First, many thanks to Joey Tuccio for this success! I come fresh from my verbal pitch with a great executive last week. Joey recommended it and helped me prepare for that pitch. It was a great experience though I got a "pass." I got valuable feedback and immediately polished up my notes for next time. Next time came quicker than I thought. I got email of another opportunity for a pitch from Joey. The same that he sends to many of you, of course. This one looked like another good match! Unfortunately, it was scheduled when I knew I would be busy. So, I elected to do a written pitch. Based on the feedback I got from the first pitch and following the guidelines, I put together the written pitch and submitted. It was a fun, creative effort. Having the valuable feedback, it was like getting a second chance to fight an old battle. At this point, I want to emphasize that writing the pitch is every bit a creative effort as screenwriting. I did my best to represent the best features of the screenplay in a creative, interesting way. Every word was carefully chosen. Just as every word in a screenplay must move the story forward, every word in the written pitch must move the reader to want to read the screenplay. I read it several times. Checked it again and again. Okay, so I've got to send this now. if it were me, I'd really want to read the screenplay after reading this. And, I would not be disappointed! Still ... No, it's finished enough. Send it. And, I waited. Today, I had to keep telling myself, "Good learning experience. Nothing will come of it. Move on." I got the email from Joey tonight. "Great job! Your script was requested." For some reason, I had trouble reading anything after that. Shock. Delight. Adrenaline. Did I mention shock? Okay, so it's still likely nothing will come of it. But, this is what it feels like to take a few steps forward. It feels great! No matter the outcome, the learning opportunity is exceptional. And, the progress forward is real. Thank you, Joey! :)

Robert Broad

Well done Steve, great work!

John Cruz Alarid

Steve, congratulations! Dude, you short change yourself with comments like "so it's still likely nothing will come of it". You don't want to put that out in the Universe. A major part of success is believing it. Best wishes. Keep us posted.

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