Success Stories: MAY'6 My award

Kevin Gamble

My award

My sound design award finally arrived, so lovely isn't it? Horror is such a fun genre to work in, and look forward to working on more films. If anyone is in need of a sound designer, I'm your guy!

Rhonda R Fletcher

It's fantastic, Congratulations!!

Rachel Ochsen

Congrats Kevin Gamble! What organization sponsored the award?

Allen Lynch

Congrats Kevin!

Lyssa Rayne

I'm currently in pre-production of a horror film

Karen "Kay" Ross

That is the coolest, craziest-looking award I've ever seen! LOL Congrats! Also... where ya gonna put it? You can have some series fun with that! LOL

Kevin Gamble

Rhonda R Fletcher Thank you so much!

Kevin Gamble

Rachel Ochsen Thank you! It was the Bleedingham Film Festival in Washington State.

Kevin Gamble

Allen Lynch Thanks much Allen, appreciate it!

Kevin Gamble

Lyssa Rayne Awesome! I'd love to hear more about it, happy to connect with you.

Kevin Gamble

Karen "Kay" Ross LOL yes! Its a keeper haha I was thinking my dashboard in my car wouldn't work, so maybe just him here in my studio :)

Wally Wu


Leya Marincic

Congratulations! :)

James Welday

That is awesome! Congratulations! Your field is so important to the feel of a film, I salute you!

Kevin Gamble

@Wally Wu Thanks!

Kevin Gamble

@Leya Marincic Thanks much!

Kevin Gamble

@James Welday Thanks my friend, much appreciated!

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