Success Stories: SEP'7 My dream REQUEST!

My dream REQUEST!

The reason I'm a filmmaker is the director, Sam Raimi. I'll never forget how I felt seeing Evil Dead 2 for the first time when I was 17. Now his production company GHOST HOUSE has requested one of my scripts. Thank you STAGE 32 for making us connect. I'm one step closer to the man who made me.

Jan Evans

That's so awesome! Congrats to you, and I hope everything works out just the way you want!

Raghu Nandan

Hey Shant sound so great ! Good luck and wish you great success :)

James Gregory

Good luck Shant hope it all works out great for you!

Nick Belial

Always awesome to see things come to fruition like that. Hope this progresses even better that you could dream and with a little luck, someday-- maybe 10 years down the road, some young filmmaker is sending in a script to you with those same hopes and dreams. Congrats, Shant!

Lina Jones

I wish you well horror movies popularity is really increasing. I think the world is addicted to evil....

Amanda Toney

Best wishes to you!

James Gregory

I am hoping that you have heard good news back by now Shant, still got those fingers crossed for you!

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