Success Stories: NOV'15 My first 'At Bat'

Ted Westby

My first 'At Bat'

So... after a 10 year breakup with Writing, when I thought this was all just part of my former life, I just got my first TV Pilot request for my first TV Pilot following my first pitch ever. I humbly believe that is a success all in itself. Write On, kids!

Stephen Barber

That's great, Ted! Nice work!

Richard "RB" Botto

Impressive Ted! Who did you get the request from?

Ted Westby

Thanks Stephen. Hey Richard, it was from De Laurentiis. I pitched 'em my Stiletto pilot script. Kinda excited for my first go 'round.

Richard "RB" Botto

Fantastic, Ted. An open door is a great thing in this biz. Best wishes on the read!

Richard Gustason

That is awesome. Congrats Ted.

Brian Walsh

Congratulations Ted! Great to hear.

Bill Hartin

Kudos, and thanks for an inspiring share that we can all use now and then.

James Drago

All kinds of fantastic, Ted. Good luck.

Stephanie Gaudinier

Congratulations Ted! Best of luck!

Matt Hurd

TED! Congratulations once again (this time publicly)! Being requested by De Laurentiis is no small feat, and you should be very proud.

Ted Westby

Thanks all. I sincerely appreciate the good vibes. Right back at ya!

Eric Gilmartin

Ace news, Ted. Congratulations, and well done!

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